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Sean McGary is a professional musician from Cincinnati. Sean comes from a long line of musician and started his musical career at an early age. His Father Jimmy McGary is world-renowned jazz musician. His Father played and recorded with music giants such as James Brown, Buddy Rich, Miles Davis, and many more. Sean’s Grandfather was also a professional drummer and played with many popular swing bands in the region.

Sean began playing guitar at an early age and began performing professionally by the time he was in High school. He continued studying the guitar and quickly became a full time musician and teacher. Sean spent the next years playing the local and regional club circuit with some of the hottest groups in town.

One day at a music store where Sean was teaching, he had a chance encounter with music legend Bootsy Collins. This encounter led to a job with Bootsy’s bass protégé, Freekbass. This gig was life changing and gave Sean the opportunity to gain invaluable experience as a musician. Sean toured the country and played some very high profile gigs including The Rock and Roll Hall of fame, South by Southwest, The House of Blues, and venues all across The United States.

During his time with Freekbass Sean was fortunate enough to play, record, share the stage, and hang out with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Some of Sean’s credits include working with:

Bootsy Collins-James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic.

Catfish Collins-James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic.

Buckethead-Guns & Roses, Primus, and featured on Guitar Hero.

Bernie Worrell-The Talking Heads, George Clinton.

David Allen Coe-Country legend

Freekbass-Bass virtuoso

And many more…

As of recent Sean still plays on a nightly basis both locally and regionally with many popular act such as The Naked Karate Girls, for which he is the guitar player. Sean has become a sought after hired gun around town and as of recent has performed with: Fathead Davis, The Gold 45s, The Naked Karate Girls, Jimmy Lee King, Pirates of the Caribooty, I Dream of Jeannie, The Company, Marsha Brady, and countless acoustic acts around town.

Sean’s love of teaching led him to open up The Music Salon. He wanted a place where he could devote all of his time and energy into teaching. Sean is a patient, knowledgeable, skilled, and fun teacher.


Sean McGary (Guitar and Bass Instructor)

The Music Salon

6912 SIlverton Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45236